E-Book or Printed Book for Education in Indonesia

the future of book

the future of book


If you do focus group customer survey on the above topic, most likely the winner is printed book. What do you think? I think you would agree as well. There are so much nice things about touching paper on printed book, the smell, the feeling of holding the printed book in your hand… ahh just luxury.

I remember back in 1996 when digital camera was just invented, I was managing director for Kodak distributor in Indonesia. We did the same survey, and the result was that digital camera will never replace film camera, the develop and print business (Fuji Image Plaza and Kodak Express) will never change. People want to keep printed memories, moments and digital photos can get lost or erased.

You know what? In just 10 years by 2006 over 80% of develop and print business are out of business and they closed their store forever. Film camera down by about 95% and digital camera grow more than one hundred fold. What about people want printed memories as in the survey? Well the answer is people change their mind after the find out about facebook.
The same can be said, if Apple listen to the customer survey that phone keyboard is favored then may be iPhone will never exist now.

Eventhough printed photo as memories are better, but they are many other factors, may be the cost of film and developing it is too much. Eventhough phone with keyboard is favored but there are so many benefits of larger screen.

So nobody can ever know for sure.

Yes may be printed book has the smell of paper, the rustle of the pages as the reader flips, the rustic experience that dont exist from the cold ebook in tablet. But ther are many other factors to consider when discussing the matter of ebook vs printed book.

Do you think the costs of paper, printing, handling matters? Do you think printed books which has been used by many people still smell good? Do you care the hygienic of shared printed books? What about transporting printed books to isolated area vs electronically? What about the benefits of the technology, such as ebook that read itself?

I do not have the answer of the future, and no one does, but I have seen how film photo died, and also how CD?s and DVD?s died, will I see the same thing again in printed book?


source : pendidikan.id


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